Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ridicorous for cereal, toasterly

so i dont know why but these videos are in wide screen, probably best to double click and watch on youtube site... thanks batajl for the tunes, those guys have a myspace, have a look, dope punk straight out of sweden, living in berlin, let me pass out in there bed, didnt offer to spoon.
if any one is in berlin the mural with mymo is on oranianburg str at some really nice guys jules, ramses and kenos new mexican bar, they have maria bonita aswell... opposite the fancy bar with the girly paintings, if i can rember the number ill put it in...
also have a look at mymos stuff . http://www.mymonstersworld.com/ shes amazing, shell be out here in aus in a month, were both in lightmares on the cold goast with 19 karen, should be fun, residency in the gallery, come visit if your in the gc, starts april 25th, come down play records.

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