Tuesday, July 27, 2010

two great shows

so heres two great shows this week in sydney and melbourne, two really nice guys aswell, sam smith from gold coast and bm from sydney, i got a new beastman the other week,, so chuffed.
but beastman has his show over at gorker gallery in melbourne, if you missed the opening try and get over, bummed im going to miss sams,,

Mad Dogs. Part 1. from sam smith on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


also i just found out im a finalist in the marrie ellis drawing prize, id appreciate it a million if people could vote for me, you win 500 bucks if you get it, and im crazy po' at the moment. click here to vote. you just need to click 'like' under the image, it goes in the peoples choice award. oi thanks. its a face book thing so i think you need to be friends with 'Jugglers Art Space', which is an artist run space in brisbane, really dope spot run by bunch of really nice guys.
click here to see more details for the marie ellis prize for drawing,

this is a mural i did yesterday down on hosier lane in melbourne, haha, bradock tom civil andy mac from untill never mags and some other guys came down. it was a bp oil spill mural, i did a mister salami. good times.
below is an older one from brisbanus, its my one with a robots background, then mymo, then bhats,,, missing that spot.

travel photos from the drive with shida, gotta catch tags, heaps like pokemon, yeah

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

brown magic

this is going to be a solo show in melbourne at thousand pound ben, i have a body of work i painted in berlin winter just past which ive been sitting on, im going to show them at this, if your in town come over

Sunday, July 4, 2010

cop porn

i screen printed these bags for the show on friday, limited edition of 50, you can buy them online at
this is my buddy charlies steeze, hes a boss photographer and makes really cool stuff, hes going to put a zine from the abandoned together which will go up on his site aswell

heres a few of charlies hillhouse's snaps from hanging around the spot,
more of his stuff at charliehillhouse.com/

me and shida, we pash polski styles

but yeh the show went of without a hitch, popo didnt turn up to early and they were almost the only jerks there, so much great art, rob scott and toms installation was crazy as shit, also couple of extras joined the show, scott burnt, also mikel from teargas painted some brutal demon goats, so good, check out teargas if u havnt heard them aswell, best band currently outa bris, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR8YOJG8PMI . but yep ill deffinetly get fliks from work in the show up here in the next couple...

also had some work in minus canvas last night night, really nice show, was good to see max berry and ears new stuff, skidknee noys, theyre both killing it, got to get beers with max aswell, have a look at his stuff..

also i have my first melbourne show this month at ten pound bend, ill get a flyer up asap, im unorganised, cant wait