Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the cosmos is a hater

just a quicky from the sketch pad, finger blood portrait..

west to sydney aswell, truck stop tags and got to say to some friends really briefly..big thanks loz and murphy for having me..
heres a photo from the way back, hitchings fun till people stop picking you up...this photo is gundagai, cool place if you get the chance. local kids gave me beer instead of fag bashing me, and then i slept in a sega car game seat in an empty diner.

Shidas show is only up for a couple more aswell over at untill never gallery, if you havnt been then do it, hardest working sweety i know, might be the last time us shmoes can afford his work.
also swoons show is still on at metro if your in melbourne, ridicourous for cereal, got to meet her over in hosier aswell, she was a beb.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

savage man, savage beast

also my zine got a review in 3000 which was really cool, thanks to whoever did that, here it is, i was originally doing them for free but they got to exspensive and postage skills dont pay the bills so now you can either get one from sticky for 3 dorra or put 5 in my bank and ill post it, includes international...sorry about that. and also i put a drawing in at thousand pound bend for the queensland flood relief auction, so go in there or have a look on their site here
and been killing it up in qld for a few days, word up 4101.

also if your in melbourne get ready for his holiest the moliest the one and only shidas exhibition at untill never gallery next week.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

girls that eat your souls

just two drawings from last night, titled monster in the chinese restaurante (top) and rapey uncle.
you can click on them for detail.