Friday, February 19, 2010

i can run faster than your kids

two new drawings,click on them to see better detail
also the gruntwork exhibition is 78 rigaer str, friedrichs', 7 till late. mine is close to there, marienburger near boesner art supplies, i think theres free beer at that one to.

man eats man

golden shower
watercolor/ciggie ash

Thursday, February 18, 2010

das ist tödlisch feliesht aba micheal jackson

the wind changed

mr garlic eyes lent me his scarf and it smelt like onion



white Erkle burial ground

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

12 ghettoed eggs VS lightbulb pipe

if your in berlin, im putting some art in a cafe this friday.
this is the flyer. if your not, i think im putting in the paintings that i tried to sell on here... if any body wants one let me know. theyre collectable ey. theyre all framed and a bit more painted now. i liked them with less on them, and it was harder to paint them like that, but nobody liked em, i was being all deadly subtle like cozy cole, but yous didnt get it. id leave them but i have to pay the rent. thanks jerks.
the same night the grunt work collective are having a show on rigorstr, friedrichshein. two blocks down from fishladen bar, in the squat on the left i think, (google earth the strasse i ges?) which looks really good, bands are playing aswell.
art by scottish-duncan and Happy from Melbourne, those guys draw real big good.

my buddy robin came to town, we drank to many beers ate heaps of breakfast-pasta and made tattoos sailor style.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


in the new nazibunkerartstudio, normally about -8 degreesss. deadlywunlah.

I sent a bunch of post cards today...been meaning to for ages, check your mailboxs! i also sent some canvas to brisbane and sydney..ill pics up of the paintings a bit later..

saw some really old graffiti, well early 2008... when i was walking to the bar the other night.