Monday, May 30, 2011

Cooking With 40#s

this weeks 'cooking with 40's', we have a 40-ounce-bounce homemade soft shell tortilla.
you need;
handfull of flour,
two handfull of cornflour
pinch of baking powder,
one egg,
an ODB sized mouthfull of 40.
mix together and then form balls, then use a previously prepared 40 bottle to roll each ball out thin. You can use a Colt 45 or Olde english, it doesnt matter. even a cobra will do it. I like them pretty thin,.
make what ever you want to put on them, refriedblackbeans, guacamole, mexican stuff.
fry up the tortilla/taco shells for about 20 seconds each time... you want the fry pan to be hot, hot-real-hot-like uma thurman hot. if its not hot enough you wont see bubbles rise in the dough.
ofcourse, serve hot with your favourite 40.
check back next week for a 40oz japanese tempura recipe.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

sitting in the gutter, looking at the stars

lower east side

Man hatting

new ink on my buddy moon juice

hot dog queen
rooftop outlaw
always empty
red tops pig headed times
polaroid and funny sticker
four winds dragon
this isnt finished, getting there
some one ripped
crown hieghts

guy on the franklin c

and then some one wrote my name on the train line, BRKLYN ZOO