Monday, April 26, 2010

for s'even sn'akes

just had a fewmungas week in melbourne...was planning on making some art but ended up more bombing in the suburbs, no need to thank me if i sprewced up your family van over the weekend. also went to some really nice galleries, drank some really free beer and got to hang with some slick gansters/gamon ninjas i havnt seen in ayyges. oh and i did a tattoo on my budy will, hes in the ganster cator gore y.
huge thanks to tommy, D!, loz and erik and there new cuteasabutton baby osker for having me, also every one else who let me sleep on their couch and wee in their sauna.
special big thanks to zac, i stole the ooga boogas video from his blog , its fucking dope and hes a really lovely guy, once gave me a snickers bar and has always been a sweety to me when im down in melbs (hoping that spells the one that means nice and good, not sticky and wet like a fat guy in summer). also thanks debbie for the soybreakfast on saturday morning, mang i needed that.

this photo summs up the week

this was a couple of kids, shotgun not being responsible for the hippy vibe, it was the building not us..yo bayu, jogyakarta, check out your shout out!

zac doubleya outside whyte lightnings backyard bedroom, wish i was kiding, stay warm casper!

wish i had a better photo of the actual tattoo, it was a cat that lives outside toms work, mitte in east brunswick, they do good eggs if your around.

6 am. pipe dreams
i like how melbourne has these roofs

this show was good, and yeah go to pissingonthemainframe.blogspot to see videos and stuff

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