Friday, October 10, 2008

10, 000 km


thanks to this bad boy right here

so apparently you can smoke on trains over east
saw about a squillion of this
by a river in hungary, i was pretty hungry,a hoi


bucherest - on the not so way to istanbul
catching tags with homies who pepperspray fascists for sport, and run from the popo for fun in zagreb
it was hot and i had to change into my utility survival shorts

best train i ever saw
dont walk to much
eastern europe. but hey hey, now we all know where mona stay
catching more tags
londone houses getting undone,
i was abit the same after having my cards eaten..
as you do
ruvery ladies

i slept in some whack places, bushes in bussels and canals in callais (for real real not for play play, it sucked) but the boats in a'dam werent to bad, other than the one that already had some one in it, i realised when the floor under me, that i thought was pretty soft, started speaking dutch.

and i still got to make some art, for fwends

and even though I had to hitch home (1200 km to get 600km), i still had a magical time. the end.

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  1. ay come home sometime so we can do drawings and smoke ciggarettes and i can fix those tatts or some shit.
    be good georg,
    x o
    boo jacksn


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