Friday, October 10, 2008


so this show was  a few weeks back, but I'm blogging it now and should have some better pics of the painting a bit later.
the show happened on the 5th in a magical abandoned space between two galleries on August Strasse, Berlin.. thanks to the kids who helped me!
check this again tomorrow and there'll be an epic explanation of why i flagged this for so long!

so some kids showed up

big ups V for her dope set,
and taking all these photos,

except for this radical photo of edgar  by Rickert,
he spent about 15 minutes climbing bomb-out columns around the place to get this shot, i had to snaps it

fiasco piece in the back

mc suckafish, caro + Robin

Rubin dropping tags

and then mr isoe and me ate watermelon..
check out his new website, its ridicourous for cereal, some really serious cereal

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  1. fuck yeah looks awesome wish i was there... seriously. why are you coming back!!??! haha. see you soon hey blaze?
    xo sarah


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