Sunday, December 18, 2011

miene ass ist aous

so heres a few photos from a roll of film i just got developed. I'm setting up studio in cambodia at the moment with my favorite bro-mance shida whos visiting for xmas before taking off on his 'world domination tour', so lots of mural painting untill then! but before landing in asia made some time to do some hitch-hiking in australia, from melbourne up through the middle. theres a couple of photos of the photographer i went with, but i dont have any of the actuall mission yet...hopefully ill get some, painted some murals in alice springs and caused some ruckus in darwin. The middle of australia was wierd. red. untill i get the photos not much to say, but it was pretty amazing. getting into alice springs and speaking with old indigenous australians who had english as their 6th language made me feel quite optimistic. it was really lovely to see that the invasion and colonization of australia, although gross and extreme hasnt taken that away.
news the last couple of days, half way through a huge mural with shida in kampot, we found out we were given false permission and the cops stopped us, but we've written a letter to the chieften to get permission... so if all goes well i'll have some photos of that up soon aswell, massive wall, like 4mX10m. other than that, just getting dirty in cambodia.
tools of trade over here, check the coconut paint bucket, pretty kitsch but it worked.
work floor,

this painting is in alice springs, text reads 'Australians painting walls since 38,000 bc', the colours in this photo are all blown out and it looks gamon, but i was actually pretty happy with it.
alice springs

smelliot under the bridge
this is smelliot the 'photographer' under a bridge in alice springs on the dried up bed of the thompson river, love the graffitt on the pile ons.

heres an oldy, its about heart ache and girls and lies.

heres a dildo getting boiled in a pot at my old house in aus. it was there when i went to make breakfast one morning. my old house mates in melbourne where cool. word up logan.

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