Wednesday, August 10, 2011

yo, zine launch and gallery sit

so after changing the venue of the exhibition last friday due to unforseen circumcision circumstances, im going to sit the spot this saturday and also have copies of a zine i pumped out this week. its at Blender studios, 110 Franklin laneway.
really sorry to any one who went to thousand pound and didnt find their way to the Blender , was a real bummer things went pair-shaped,..
but yeah, if you wanted to see it but missed out come this saturday, also the zines at 3.50 a pop, if you cant make it you can email me for a copy, or better yet get down to sticky <--(again click the link).

front page
normally i show all the pages, but this one u just have to get if you wanna see it, 18 pages
snotty and super-cube katja
blender ghetto lane way, heesco in the middle

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