Monday, June 20, 2011

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so ive just gotten back to australia, broke as a joke.
back in the dish pit for the 'mean time.
if youve ever wanted to get a drawing hit me up now... im going to do 100 a6 (postcard size) drawings over the next two weeks and sell them on here. heres number one, ill put a better one later tonight.
im going to do them for $20 or by donation. if you can only afford ten thats fine, if you know whats good and you want to pay more than twenty thats good to. postage is free.
if i can sell them all im going to use the money to stop washing dishes and hitch hike from melbourne to northern territory, ive wanted to make that mission for a long time.
send me an email, ill even post international fo free.
I slept under this bear by perth artist Kid zoom in williamsburg the other night, wierd to wake up under
portrait of my buddy 'rik in brklyn. he smokes pot and reads about kung-foo all day, living the dream.
new stick and poke.. rudi

you know youv been catching too many trains when your sketch books are full of these..

keeping on public transport art, have a look at this animation by my buddy nick simpson, kid murders it! ITS CLICK THIS

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