Monday, May 30, 2011

Cooking With 40#s

this weeks 'cooking with 40's', we have a 40-ounce-bounce homemade soft shell tortilla.
you need;
handfull of flour,
two handfull of cornflour
pinch of baking powder,
one egg,
an ODB sized mouthfull of 40.
mix together and then form balls, then use a previously prepared 40 bottle to roll each ball out thin. You can use a Colt 45 or Olde english, it doesnt matter. even a cobra will do it. I like them pretty thin,.
make what ever you want to put on them, refriedblackbeans, guacamole, mexican stuff.
fry up the tortilla/taco shells for about 20 seconds each time... you want the fry pan to be hot, hot-real-hot-like uma thurman hot. if its not hot enough you wont see bubbles rise in the dough.
ofcourse, serve hot with your favourite 40.
check back next week for a 40oz japanese tempura recipe.

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