Tuesday, February 16, 2010

12 ghettoed eggs VS lightbulb pipe

if your in berlin, im putting some art in a cafe this friday.
this is the flyer. if your not, i think im putting in the paintings that i tried to sell on here... if any body wants one let me know. theyre collectable ey. theyre all framed and a bit more painted now. i liked them with less on them, and it was harder to paint them like that, but nobody liked em, i was being all deadly subtle like cozy cole, but yous didnt get it. id leave them but i have to pay the rent. thanks jerks.
the same night the grunt work collective are having a show on rigorstr, friedrichshein. two blocks down from fishladen bar, in the squat on the left i think, (google earth the strasse i ges?) which looks really good, bands are playing aswell.
art by scottish-duncan and Happy from Melbourne, those guys draw real big good.

my buddy robin came to town, we drank to many beers ate heaps of breakfast-pasta and made tattoos sailor style.

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