Wednesday, September 30, 2009


so shaping up to be a huge next week and half... this show is going to be dope, i've been working really hard at it. its joshua levi's show the same night, he's got a bunch of photo's, it's the first time he's let any one see this much of his work in a long time, ive been working with josh the last few months, many people believe he is a mythical creature that steals orphans, but actually hes just a really good photographer, great gallerist and one of the nicest guys ive met in squillion.
bands should be good aswell, whyte lighting is playing, i give that guy hand jobs in abandoned buildings. 
don't miss this show!

also BARI opens with Nine Lives tomorrow night, hand drawn show, then Jugglers the next night which i have some work in.
go to for the program .
to see whats going on there.

an initiative founded by the crew at Jugglers Art Space in 2008, aimed at celebrating and acknowledging the creative and cultural contribution that is often harboured by ARIs within a city. 
Some of these ARI's include: Nine lives, The Fort, Love Love Studio, Old Space, Jugglers Artspace & Flipbook Gallery

also bats magazine launch this sunday, stemford hiss and oh ye denver birds, and i think some art by paper people project, her art is really good, and she makes me blush.
go to to look at that. 

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