Sunday, May 10, 2009

"less business, more ritual". 'psalm of cougar flashy, 4.20'

then at the end of the mission these two gansters drove me back up north, theyre on tour now, if your in sydney or brisbane look out for cougar flashy, they bring the ruckus.

i met up with the guys at blender studios in melbourne, did this painting with drew, ( great guy.. and hung out and drew.

this was such a fun place to paint, i had such a good time. check the cell doors on the right of the painting, that place smelt like  cop rape.

more wasted bombing, there was so much on this trip, i'll leave it at this, photo by tomonomos

painting at the 2nd oldest skate park in australia. huge snake run that goes over a thrasher piece and ends in a bowl, gnarly!
west hobart. the piece i painted over read 'shoot ferrals', and signed of 'land rights for gay whales', probably the most taswegian thing in the woyld.

drawing in tasmania, photo by joey G.

hosier lane, melbourne

me and my friend hitched down to melbourne, and i went to tasmania.
it was a great trip. i have some photos already, but ill have some other to put on later.

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